• 2 Tier Sliding storage organiser

    Ideal for under sink organising for detergents etc

    Multifunctional use

    The bottom drawer slides out

    Dividers may be used in one drawer, hooks provided to hang cloths etc, small storage basket included

    Not only great for saving space but also neatens up the space

    Easy installation ( comes with a guide and all parts needed)

    Made out of strong plastic

    Colours : Black or white

    Dimensions : 21.5 x 38 x 35.5cm (H)

    Space between top and bottom shelf 22.4cm

    What you get : 1 x 2-tier storage rack

  • 2-Layer Foldable Shoe Storage

    Pack of 2 joined boxes ONLY

    Store 4 pairs of shoes ( 2 per box)Foldable design
    Simple installation – instructions are provided
    Made out of durable PET plastic
    Has a knob handle to easily open and close
    Dimensions for 2-layer – Provided in the images
    Max shoe length : 32cm

  • 2L Glass Gallon Bottle with pump lid

    NB : This glass gallon bottle is different from the bottles previously stocked on our site prior to  May 2023
    Use to store laundry & detergents etc
    Made of glass
    Comes with both a screw on lid & pump device
    The pump lid allows for easy dispensing of product
    Capacity : 2L
    Dimensions : 11cm x 33cm(H) with pump fully extended
    Labels not included
  • 450ml Glass cup with lid & Straw

    Glass cup and straw features clear dome shaped lid and sleek-designed cup Heat resistant ( store both warm and cold beverages)
    Made out of heat-resistant borosilicate glass (BPA-free and Lead-free) 450ml capacity Hand wash was recommended Dishwasher Safe for cup ONLY The straw is NOT recommended to use in dishwasher Microwave safe
    Dimensions : 14.7cm x 8.2cm

  • 5 Slot foldable sunglass travel case

    Store 5 sunglasses while travelling
    Choose between brown and black
    Made out of leather
    Felt lining on the inside
    Fastens with a metal button

  • Acrylic Cosmetic Organiser with Tissue Dispenser

    Made out of 100% acrylic

    The unit has 4 compartments:

    1 x for tissues

    1 x pull out drawer that has 3 compartments that may be used to store cotton pads/ swabs/ lipstick/ beauty blenders etc


    23.5 x 12.7 x 16.1cm (H)

    Drawer depth : 12.7cm

    Compartment width : 7cm each


  • Acrylic Tissue Box

    Made out of 100% acrylic

    Dimensions: 25 x 12.8 x 8.6cm(H)

    Used to store tissues/ napkins

    Clear design

    Slide out the bottom part to store tissues, turn upside down, add tissues, slide closed

  • Baby Pink Jewellery Drawer Organisers

    Please check below for dimensions

    22.5cm size : 22.5 x 14.5 x 2.8cm

    28cm size: 28 x 20 x 3cm

    35cm size : 35 x 24 x 3cm

    Trays with the same dimensions are stackable

    Use these trays to neatly store your jewellery in your drawers.

    Stackable design

    Made out of  plush fabric and wood

    Colour : Baby pink



  • Bamboo 3 in 1 Plastic, Foil & Wax Wrap Dispenser

    Made out of 100% Bamboo

    Fit 3 different ‘wrap rolls’ e.g foil, wax paper and cling wrap

    Can be stored inside a drawer, on a counter top or wall mounted

    3 x cut out circles to easily insert the rolls.

    Dimensions : 33.5 x 21.5 x 7.6cm(H)

    NB : The length of each roll may not be longer than 31.9cm to fit comfortably without ‘sticking out’

    3 x sliding pins to cut the material (rolls)

    Comes with 3 x black vinyl labels ( Wax, Foil & Plastic) labels to be applied by the customer

  • Bamboo Baskets with fabric lining

    Made out of bamboo with a solid board base

    Lightweight design

    Lined with Polyester ( lining can be removed)

    Multifunctional usage

    Choose between 3 sizes

    Cut out holes at the bottom for air flow


    Small – 24 x 14 x 12cm(H)

    Medium – 28 x 18 x 14cm(H)

    Large – 32 x 22 x 15.5cm(H)

  • Black Acrylic 3 level extendable spice drawer insert

    Made out of clear strong and durable acrylic

    3 loose racks allow you to customise your spice rack

    3 loose racks : each level has a minimum height of 10.5cm and maximum height of 15cm

    Total height of entire rack ( when all 3 levels are used vertically) is 38cm and expands to 42.5cm

    Expands in length ( when all 3 levels are used vertically) 20cm – 40cm

    Our spice bottles fit perfectly into these inserts

    If you wish to expand horizontally then you may do so, more racks may be needed ( see image gallery)

  • Build your own baby bins ( single units)

    NB : This is not s set – units are individual

    Choose from our individual baby bins to fit your custom sizes.
    Choose from 4 sizes:
    S – 8.5 x 8.5 x 4.5cm(H)
    M – 17 x 8.5 x 4.5cm(H)
    L – 25.5 x 8.5 x 4.5cm(H)
    XL- 25.5 x 17 x 4.5cm(H)
    XXL – 34 x 17 x 4.5cm(H)

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