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Welcome to Trendz of Today! We sell top-rated homeware, home organizing solutions, decor solutions and  kitchen accessories for use in individual houses and apartments. Our products are unique, special, and distinct; they help customers to express their style, interest, and personality in the most stylish way.

We are all about organizing and giving your home a touch of perfection through our trending products.

At Trendz of Today, we believe every home deserves a touch of uniqueness through high-quality homeware, organizing,  kitchen accessories and wallpaper. We understand style is perceived differently by everyone, so we have a broad spectrum of products for customers to pick their choice. Regardless of your personality and style preferences, our products will exceed your expectations.

Being a female-owned company, we are committed to making your home filled with neat and beautiful spaces through our trendy and beautiful kitchen, organizing accessories and wallpaper. With our vast range of products, you will get everything you need to organize your home. No more struggling to find things that were in a mess before.  Not only will our products be of great help in maintaining the cleanliness around your cooking area, but they will also add aesthetic beauty.

Our wallpaper range is extensive, consisting of styles to suit anyone’s taste. Including a range of kiddies themed wallpaper ensuring not to leave any section of your home untouched. 

You can be sure to get high-quality products from us. Apart from being high quality, they are also affordable and sold at competitive prices.

Our site has been designed to make shopping easy and fun for you; navigating through our collection of products and picking your choice will not be a difficult task.

Why leave your home messy, unorganized without style? Let’s get you organized today!


Founded by Saira, Trendz of Today is a 100% female owned company. 

Prior to starting Trendz, Saira completed her studies in 2018, obtaining an MSc. Computer Science.

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