• Mount for Dyson Airwap & Hairdryer ( 2-in-1)

    Made out of 100% black steel
    Mount both Dyson airwrap and Dyson hairdryer along with all barrels/ fixtures
    Mount with screws (included)
    There are cut outs for all barrels / fixtures for both devices
    Cut out for cord
    Dimensions : 38 x 15 x 20cm

  • Self adhesive wall mount for Dyson Hairdryer

    Mount your Dyson hairdryer only ( without the attachments)
    Attach using self-adhesive glue ( no screws needed)
    self-adhesive glue is provided
    Cut out hole to hang the cable
    Made out of light weight steel
    Colour black
    Dimensions : 15 x 8.5 x 2mm

  • Stainless steel expandable pot lid organiser

    Made out of stainless steel

    Use to organise your pot lids. May also be used for baking trays/sheets, cupcake trays etc.

    Expandable design

    Max dimensions : 28 x 10 x 7.5cm

    Max width of item to be stored : 6.5cm

  • Travel Bag for The Dyson Airwrap

    – Compact designed bag for your Dyson Airwrap
    – Perfect for transporting & travelling
    – Takes up much less space than the storage box.
    – Compartments for all parts of the Airwrap.
    – There is a hanger to hang up the bag for hotels etc.
    – Made out of nylon
    – Closed dimensions: 23 x 36 x 3cm
    – Opened dimensions: 35 x 62xm x 3

    What’s in the box
    1 x Bag

  • Wall mount for Dyson Hairdryer & attachments

    Compatible with the Dyson hairdryer ( Supersonic Hairdryer)
    Store hairdryer, all diffusers / attachments on the mount
    Made out of stainless steel ( Black)
    May only be wall mounted
    Comes with screws for mounting
    Dimensions : 38 x 12.5 x 7.7cm

  • Wall mount for the Dyson Airwrap

    Attach your Dyson Airwrap and all barrels to your wall.
    Made out of durable iron
    Cut out holes to store all barrels upright.
    Two cut out areas on either side to hang the plug up.
    Please note : You will need to drill into the wall to install
    Screws and stoppers are included
    Dimensions : 41 x 15cm
  • Wall mounted spice rack/floating shelf

    Use for your spices, detergents, beauty products, cosmetics, nail products etc.

    Mount to the inside of your cupboards or to your wall.

    NB There are two shelves per product.

    Black steel mounts :

    These come with screws and self adhesive pads in case you do not wish to drill into your wall/shelf.

    Dimensions per single shelf: 29 x 5.3 X 6.5cm ( height) inner width 4.1cm ( max width of product to fit on the shelf)

    Clear acrylic mounts :

    These come with screws only and will need to be drilled into your wall or cupboard.

    Dimensions per single shelf: 38 x 8 x 6cm(height) inner width 6.7cm ( max width of product to fit on the shelf)






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