• 2L Glass Gallon Bottle with pump lid

    NB : This glass gallon bottle is different from the bottles previously stocked on our site prior to  May 2023
    Use to store laundry & detergents etc
    Made of glass
    Comes with both a screw on lid & pump device
    The pump lid allows for easy dispensing of product
    Capacity : 2L
    Dimensions : 11cm x 33cm(H) with pump fully extended
    Labels not included
  • Pack of 4 Glass Jars with Cork Lids

    Package includes 4 x glass jars with cork lids

    Made out of 100% light weight glass
    Perfect for whole spices, cotton buds etc
    Dimensions with lid: 6 x 9cm(H)
    Dimensions without lid: 6 x 8cm(H)

  • Set of 2 – Laundry Glass Gallon 2L Jars (with labels)

    Made out of 100% food grade glass
    Comes with a glass lid
    Seals with a silicone ring
    Use to store laundry detergents etc
    Package includes 2 x glass jars
    2L Capacity ( per jar)
    Dimensions: 13 x 25cm(H)
    Comes with a set of 6 labels :
    Laundry detergent
    Dishwasher tablets
    Laundry Bars
    Laundry Pods
    Fabric softener

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