• Acrylic slot organiser for handbags/purses/clutches

    Made out of 100% acrylic

    Use to organise your clutch bags, purses, handbags, belts etc.

    The slots are fixed and not removable

    All sizes are stackable


    1. 3 Slot  : 28 x 28 x 13cm(H) / 8.9cm inner slot width
    2. 6 Slot : 55 x 28 x 13cm(H) /8.9cm inner slot width
    3. 6 Slot closed top & side: 56 x 25.5 x 20.5cm / 8.9cm inner slot width ( please note the top is closed and so is one side) You can store items on-top of this design
  • Foldable Storage Bag for Linen, towels, quilts etc.

    Made out of non woven fabric

    Use to store linen, towels, quilts, duvet inners etc.

    Dimensions : 58 x 31 x 30cm

    Colour : grey

    Has a window to see what is inside and two handles to carry

    Water resistant


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